Strain Hunters Malawi

Purveyors of Fine Landraces

The first Expedition ...

Strain Hunters Malawi Expedition was the first expedition filmed, featuring Arjan and Franco with Simon on a mission to find the Malawi Gold, one of the ultimate landraces. Watch how the discover the hidden treasures deep inside the countryside of Malawi!

What it take to be a Strain Hunter

Being a strain hunter is a personal challenge, a passion, and a way of life. Strain hunting is a very delicate task, one that involves social skills, a travelling-oriented mindframe and a pinch of crazy. Besides being physically fit, the strain hunter has to speak several languages, be able to blend and socialize in different environments, and has to be willing to commit to a lifestyle on the fast-lane. From the jungles of Africa and Asia to the mountain ranges of South America, the strain hunters are on a mission to bring back the most important and isolated cannabis landraces known to man. The logistical challenges involved in strain-hunting are quite considerable, but Arjan, owner and founder of the Green House empire, has been devoting a great deal passion, time and resources to this task. After two decades spent strain hunting for the breeding programs of the Green House Seed Company, it is now time to show the world what the hunt is all about. Strain Hunters is a brand new series of documentaries, real-life reports of the search for the greatest lost cannabis strains, a deep insight in the typical “day at the office” of the most successful seed makers in the world.

About Malawi Cannabis

Malawian cannabis, particularly the strain known as Malawi Gold, is internationally famed as one of the finest sativa strains. According to a World Bank report it's among "the stylish and finest" cannabis strains in the world, generally regarded as one of the most potent psychoactive pure African sativas.